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Spray Tanning

Achieve an instant Bronze look without the hassle of tanning every day.

If getting Sprayed for a Special event be sure to schedule your spray 2-3 days before the event

Spray Tanning packages starting as low as $40* Session

Spray Tans last between 7-10 days with usage of Norvel Tan extending moisturizers

Prepping for a Spray Tan Shower 2-3 hours before your session exfoliating your entire body with Hempz Sugar Body Scrubs after use California Tan Ph Ba-lancer to eliminate any possibility of turning "ORANGE" 

After being Sprayed stay completely dry for 4-5 hours (if its raining be sure to have a umbrella so you don't become the tan version of a Dalmatian)

Once the 4-5 hour dry spell is up you may then shower. 

After your shower be sure to moisturize 

Should you find any missed spots or you accidentally got wet during the 4-5 hours Call us and we will gladly get you back and fix it

If you have any other questions please give us a call.


*price does not include taxes

Sun Beds

We offer several different sun bed options 


Bronze Beds are all 20 Min base beds mimicking natural sunlight Packages starting as low as 24.95* a month 


Silver Beds are 9-11 Min Stand-ups as well as a 12 Min Leg tanner (located exclusively at our Sedro Woolley location) Also mimicking natural sunlight packages starting as low as 39.95* a month


Gold Beds are 12 Min Medium-High Pressure Beds which create a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan using Special facial bulbs that are geared to exclusively bronze your skin. Packages starting as low as 54.95* a month


All Customers must have their own Goggles

It is a FDA Regulation that you bring your goggles to every tanning session

If you don't have FDA approved Goggles come in and we can get you a pair


*prices do not include tan tax and sales tax

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