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New Year, New OnTrack!

Tons of stuff has happened this last year. We have new stand up booths in all locations, the infrared body wraps have been added to Burlington and we have some new staff as well. In Sedro we have added the Wellness Cocoon and a third stand up booth that is almost ready to be up and running.

As every new year begins we make resolutions which tend to only last a couple weeks for most (however for me to not drink soda I didn’t even last a day LOL). However, getting that summer tan you have always wanted without having to take 20 mins out of every day, you can now get in 10 mins with one of our spray sessions and it last for a whole WEEK. The awesome thing about spray tanning is your results are guaranteed. We have trained and certified spray technicians to ensure optimal results.

Some Questions People Ask:

Do you have different colors? Yes! Color Correcting Medium and Color Correcting Dark from California Tan

How do I know what color I want? It depends on your skin tone if you a fair using the Dark may look a little unnatural. However, if you are a regular tanner or have a naturally dark skin tone Dark would fit quite well giving you that extra boost in color.

If you still have any questions or wish to set up an appointment feel free to call us at either location. (360)855-2190 SW (360)757-8266 Burlington.

Keep Looking Good and Feeling Great XOXO

Anastasia Miksovsky


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