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Are You Vacation Ready?

Spring Break is just around the corner and summer is almost here. So what have you done to get ready for the coming Sun? Getting a base tan should be on your todo list. When getting ready for vacation or summer you should give yourself at least a month of tanning prep, two months would be ideal. The reason being, you aren’t going to be the palest on the trip and will have a minimal chance of burning while spending prolonged hours in the sun.

Key Tips to developing a base tan.

A majority of people take 7-12 tans to even start developing a tan so planning a head is big part. Set aside time to take 10 mins to go tanning whether it be before work, lunch time, or after. Consistency is KEY!

Lotions! Moisturized skin tans up to 60% better than dry skin.

Rotating beds. Switching between the stand ups and the medium high pressure beds will help you develop a longer lasting tan. The Silver level beds and below, mimic natural sunlight which helps your body produce melanin. Whereas the Gold level beds are designed to be more bronzing meaning that it bronzes the existing melanin in your skin faster than the Silver and Bronze level beds. Also switching between stand up and lay down helps prevent uneven tanning because when using the stand ups those tan your sides whereas the lay downs don’t because your arms are at your side when you lay down.

So remember plan ahead, have professional quality lotions, and rotate your beds to achieve a better base tan to get ready for your vacation or summer!

Bronze ON! XOXO

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