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I tan better without lotion-FALSE

Professional tanning lotions help me start tanning almost as soon as I get in the sun bed-TRUE

Tanning lotion at the drug store is just as good as the products in the professional salon-FALSE

Professional tanning products help my skin stay moisturized during my tanning session-TRUE

These are only a couple of the question we as Tanning Professionals address every day. We are going to take this time to share with you why Professional tanning products are a must when tanning. Our products carry the highest quality ingredients for better results. Also active ingredients that allow your body to start tanning right away as well as keeping your skin moisturized. Where as if you don’t use lotion you are wasting about 60% of your tanning session, because dry skin doesn’t tan as well as moisturized skin.

Professional tanning products also have other benefits other than just helping you get bronze faster. A majority of the lotions we carry have skin deodorizers in them so you don’t come out smelling like burnt skin. There are also anti-aging benefits because unfortunately with tanning we are aging our skin faster than normal, so using high end product helps slow the aging process down and prevent the leathery feel to the skin.

We strongly discourage lotions from the local drug store. The reason being they contain oils that damage our acrylics meaning they have to be replaced sooner than normal causing the price of tanning to increase to upset the cost of the replacement of the acrylic.

If you have any questions concerning the product you are using please feel free to ask any of our staff.

If you have never used a lotion and would like to experience the difference come in and let us find the perfect lotion for you!


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