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BRONZER Break-down!

Each time you walk into the tanning salon the operators are asking about your lotion, “Is it working?” “Are you getting the desired results?” “Are you running low?” Why you ask? Because they are trying to get you the best results and using the best tanning product is a HUGE part of it.

There are many aspects that go into tanning products, the look of the bottle, fragrance, skincare, and of course the bronzing ingredients. Since there are so many today we are just going to go over Bronzers.

In the tanning industry there are three different types of bronzers: DHA, Natural, and Cosmetic. DHA is derived from sugar and takes up to four hours to develop this color which lasts between 5-7 days. If you are using a DHA bronzer you don’t want to shower until after the four hour period otherwise the color will not develop as dark and won’t last as long. When using a DHA bronzer be sure to apply it in a circular motion otherwise you may streak.

Natural Bronzer uses all natural bronzing ingredients. If it grows in the ground it will turn your skin brown. The great thing about Natural Bronzer is that there is no streaking or staining so even if you apply the lotion uneven you won’t have any weird tan lines.

Lastly we have Cosmetic Bronzer. What is Cosmetic Bronzer? Make Up! It’s going to give you an instant sun kissed glow but as soon as you shower it just washes off.

We have many lotions that have a combo of these bronzers or no bronzer at all! Come in to either of our locations and we will be more than happy to help you find the perfect lotion


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